Friday, May 29, 2009

his last day

today is my boss, mr KOH CH last day here in CIBA VISION Johor.. and we just recieved an email from him..

saying thanks for being part of his 3 years in the Johor plant start up since 2006..

it's been 3 years that we worked together here in Johor, n in 3 years there's a lot that i've learnt from him.. what can i say??? he's a person who's willing to share his knowledge with others..

of course, there are times when we got fed up with him... most of the time was when he rejects our ideas... but still, he helps a lot in our job.. and thanks for being so 'pushy'... not sure if we could get our job done on time if u're not pushing..!!!

so boss, good luck for ur future undertaking...!!! wish u all the best!!


Siti @ nurie said...

kkdg sedihkan kalau bos yg rapat ngn sekepala ngn kita nak kalau kita yg benti, tak de sape pun nak sedih...tak gitu?

♥Hernee Nazir♥ said...

sayonara to ur boss..