Wednesday, May 27, 2009

FDA's over


as per below msg sent from the 'war room':

"Jonathan Rose/**/Novartis (14:06) The inspection is over. No 483 observations. CONGRATULATIONS!"

i declare.... "FREEDOM" for us all!!!! coz the FDA's inspection is over!!!!!!!!!

right now.. am so glad that the 3 days audit is over.. and that's the end of my 3 'suffering' months, doing the preparation for the audit, being chased over the documents for the audit and... bla... bla.. bla.. (i dun even want to discuss it!)

there's a lot of things that i miss doing... :( isk.. isk.. i don't even have the time to do things that i love... which one of it is bloggingggg....!!!


but finally... today, my blog is updated!!!

nota kaki : byk tul la nak update! byk jugak award nk kutip! n ade jugak utang tag nk kena jawab.. kah kah kah.. bestnyeee...!!


♥Hernee Nazir♥ said...

at last..hehehe

Mummy Dasy said...

menjelma gak akhirnye

MommyDania said...

patut le sonyap jek!