Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bunuh Anak Kerana Rokok

Pagi² dapat email dari kawan saya..

SINGAPORE (AFP) - A Singaporean man has gone on trial charged with murdering his 23-month-old daughter in a fit of rage after he caught her playing with his cigarettes, court officials said Tuesday.

Sallehan Allaudin, 26, is accused of fatally beating his daughter Nikie in January ahead of her second birthday, causing her to die of a ruptured vein. If convicted, he could face death by hanging.

The High Court was told Monday that Sallehan, who had just returned home with his wife with a present for Nikie, went berserk after seeing the toddler had torn up and scattered his cigarettes, the Straits Times reported Tuesday.

Sallehan has pleaded not guilty to the charge.

His wife, Rozanah Mohamed Yusoff, 24, used a mannequin to show the court how Sallehan allegedly kicked and stomped on their daughter in the kitchen, the newspaper said.

The couple, who have two younger daughters, called for an ambulance when Nikie started bleeding from the nose, but she died of her injuries, according to the report.

"I did not go into the kitchen to stop my husband as I thought that was the way he wanted to discipline Nikie," the wife was quoted as saying by the newspaper.

Apa nak jadi dengan bapak² budak ni... sedihnya saya.. *sigh*


Siti @ nurie said...

itulah...tak pkr agaknyer kesan pd anak dia....ntah apa2 ntah

Ealyie said...

takde otak punya bapak budak.. hish..hish.. tetiba je den rasa mcm nak jadik hulk hogan pepagi buta ni... grr...

p/s: ampunnn tuan blog ;)

CY3.5 said...

baru rokok.. belum dadah lagi.. heee.. sungguh merbahaya..

noniey said...

boleh plak ada kesah camni kan.. bahaya betul

Azury said...

bencinya baca kisah macam ni. kalau aku jadi mak budak tu, memang dah kena sepak si bapak tu. sori ye aku mmg emosional. terima kasih.

Abrahyn said...

sakit hati i baca!!!

Umi Nawfal said...

CT, Ealyie, CY, Noniey, Azury & Abrahyn,

sesungguhnya saya tersangatlah sakit hati!!! azury, kalau aku mak budak tu.. takkan ku biar sampai budak tu mati!! mak dia pon giler biarkan bapak disiplinkan budak umo 23bln dgn cara camtu!! eiii.. geram tol aku!!