Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Summarizing (Part 1)

okay, its time to summarize everything.. since last year. i stopped writing in september last year, the next month i did try to start again, but then i lost the passion.. for whatever (i dunno myself) reason.

and this week, after spending afew minutes catching up stories in friends blog, the passion came again (out of jelousy, belive it or not) and now here i am, writing again just to fill up my free time (because i never want to go out for lunch anymore)... on diet uols!!!

well, 2010 raya was fun, eventhough i did spend most of the time with the in-laws.. hahahah!!! didnt realy expect it to be fun at all!! (me? so jahat laaa..).

so, november was by 30th birthday, (macam tak ingat pulak the first number tu dah bertukar jadi no 3) :p.. i got a lot of surprises from hubby. he came back just for my b'day..!! (aww.. terharu...). he did make me wait for his call the nite before tho... and the next day he came back, he still didn't mentioned anything about it.. i get so frustrated that i didn't talk to him at all when i fetch him from the airport.. (tunjuk perasaan la konon kan..)

but when we got home, he surprised me with a bottle of CK pefume & body lotion!! wowwww... really didn't see it coming, and i would never expect him to do that.. u know, he's just not the romantic kind of guy.. (sorrry darling.. but i really love u... and it doesn't really matter to me if u're romantic or not). the next day, he asked me out very early in the morning, we went for breakfast at kedai mamak, and brought me to buy new HP!!!! waaaahhhhhhhhhhhh.... another present?? thanks so much dear... so, after 14 days, he went away.. :( and im back to counting the days until he's home again.

december 2010 was my Nawfal's 2nd birthday. had a small celebration with families. (kesian kat nawfal, dah 2 tahun tak pernah sambut birthday dgn abah). but my Nawfal is such a strong kid.. i love u son!!! he never complaint not being able to see his dad for soooooooo long..

then... it was new year.. 2011.. think i'll continue in the next post lar..


♥Hernee Nazir♥ said...

wahhhhhhhhh skali mood bogging dtg speaking london kakak..hehehe

slmt kembali ke dunia blog ye kak jannah comey..hehehe

JaNnAh said...

kah kah kah.. konon jek tu...