Friday, July 16, 2010


What's ur plan for weekend peeps???


Jomm.. come and support the Walk for Values Carnival, held this Sunday, 18 July 2010!

Let's Do our bit for the Nature, for the Future..!! ... remember we all have a part to play!!

Also if u come early you receive Free Cap! Goodie Bag ! & Breakfast ( after walk)...
You can choose either Route 1: Larkin (larkin flat) OR Route 2 : Sentosa (Plaza Sentosa (The Store)

Interesting programme lined up....with loads of exhibition taking place..

Those who are interested can form a cheer group team and join the GO GREEN CHEER COMPETITION!!


Details as per brochure.. kalau x nampak sila click utk view gambar yg lbh besar..

those who stays in JB... jommmm... I did plan 2 go.. insyaAllah.. kalau x terlupa...

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